Welcome to Transcendence


Transcendence - An Ancient-Future Mass.

Transcendence aims to mix the old and the new, ancient chant and futuristic ambience,

scripture and prayer, movement, symbol and sacrament.

Transcendence is a multimedia exploration of the Christian traditions of Eucharist, Compline, and Vespers, held monthly in different spaces within York Minster, and occasionally in other large churches in Yorkshire.

At the end of 2013, many key members of the team moved on to other places, so we are taking a little break, and the opportunity to re-think and re-design Transcendence, using the skills and talents of the regular attendees.  If you live in or around York, and would like to offer to be a part of the new team, please contact NewThings@transcendenceyork.org

Upcoming services:

Our last service before the break will be a little different from usual:

Sun 19th Jan 2014 - “Les Miserables” Mass

(a service themed around the well-known musical)

scratch music practice @ 6.15pm

tea and cake @ 7.00pm

service @ 7.30pm

Past tour dates...

2008: Fri 29th Aug, 9.30pm @ Greenbelt Festival (Centaur venue)

2009: Sun 21st June, 6.30pm @ Bradford Cathedral

2009: Sat 29th Aug, 9.30pm @ Greenbelt Festival (Big Top)

2010: Sat 6th Feb, 6pm @ Doncaster Minster

2010: Mon 29th Mar, 7.30pm Holy Monday @ Ripon Cathedral

2010: Thu 3rd June, 7.30pm @ Beverley Minster

2010: Sun 29th Aug, 9pm @ Greenbelt Festival (Centaur venue)

2011: Fri 4th Feb, 7.30pm @ Beverley Minster

2011: Sat 27th Aug, 9.30pm @ Greenbelt Festival (Worship Co-op)

2012: Fri 10th Feb, 5pm @ Leeds Uni Chaplaincy

2012: Sat 25th Feb, 7.30pm @ Ripon Cathedral

2012: Sat 25th Aug, 9.30pm @ Greenbelt Festival (Centaur venue)

2013: Sat 2nd Feb - All Saints North Street, York - Candlemas

2013: Fri 8th March - Ripon Cathedral - Lent Mass

2013: Sun 19th May - York Minster - One Voice Pentecost

2013: Fri 21st June - Ripon Cathedral - Feast of St John the Baptist

2013: Sun 25th August @ 9.30pm - Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham

2013: Sat 26th Oct - All Saints North Street, York - Saints Alive